As a company, inspire group prefer a collaborative approach to design that encourages our clients to develop and hone their own style and taste. We are one the.

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Living hall

When you visit someone’s home, one of the first place you will usually be welcomed is the living room. The modern day equivalent of a drawing room, these spaces are set up for conversation, connection, and entertainment. Each living room in this post creates a welcoming atmosphere with plenty of comfortable seating, vibrant colors, and elegant, modern style. They are the type of place you would be glad to show off and just as glad to be welcomed into. Have a look.



Living room looking a bit dull? Go for the sleek, sexy and stylish Regolo Wall Unit Collection from INSPIRE HOMES to bring a little gloss and glamour to your living room. These modern wall units form a convergence of style and functionality and they can transform pretty much any space into a futuristicentertainment base.

Sofa with center tables

This selection of modern sofa designs comes to you from furniture suppliers INSPIRE HOMES, with irregular outlines, rotating backrests and flexible sectional arrangements, you might just find something to suit.

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